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26 januari 2012

INTERIOR: Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel's Apartment

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel's Apartment
I always like to read more about Coco Chanel's life. I am really inspired by her beautiful, elegant clothes and found this interesting review with pictures from her apartment. Hope you like it too? Love all these beautiful and elegant antique furniture combined with art. For more information please have a look at the website of The Coveteur, see the enclosed link below.
During the fashion shows, which took place down stairs, Gabrielle Chanel would sit on the staircase. Thanks to the mirrors she could see everything taking place, but no one could see her. She wanted to know the immediate reaction, if the journalists and clients were pleased with the collection. – Chanel HQ
Coco was photographed many times in this iconic white chair. The octagonal shape of the mirror on the wall was the inspiration for the cap of CHANEL No.5. It is also the same shape of the iconic Place Vendome, which Coco could see out of her window of her residence at the Ritz Hotel.
The camellia flower was also very important to Coco Chanel. It symbolized purity and longevity in Asia and was very prevalent in her designs.
Wheat symbolizes prosperity and can be seen throughout Coco’s apartment.

The top of these tables are black lacquer, but the first time they were marble. Gabrielle Chanel wanted to take off the marble and wanted to have the black lacquer. It may remind you of her make-up- black lacquer with the logo on top. – CHANEL HQ
Coco was a Leo and she incorporated it’s symbol, the Lion, into her personal space.

Japanese deer could be seen in pairs throughout the apartment.
In contrast to Coco’s personal space, the staircase had a heavy art- deco influence.


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  1. Loving the staircase.... great post

    1. Thank you, nice to hear. Love the atmosphere with antique furniture and beautiful details in her apartment too.

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