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22 maart 2012

In The Spotlight: Jewelry Designer Rodrigo Otazu

Rodrigo Otazu: 
inspiring and very creative jewelry artist, who has a real eye for beauty! He looks at jewelry as if the stones have a personality, a soul. He feels intuitively how to combine the stones together to give a great result, that WOW-effect. Rodrigo breaks rules with his spontaneous and unusual way of designing jewelry. "The more freedom you give him the better will be his results", he said. Below you will find an exclusive interview from Lilogi as well as an You Tube movie about the Rodrigo Otazu Collection. For more information please have a look at the enclosed link below. 
Exclusive interview with Rodrigo Otazu
In December 2011 I read this interesting interview about Rodrigo at Lilogi. Quote: "Rodrigo Otazu is an Argentinian jewelry designer who possesses a captivating personality that adds flavor to each of his designs. Rodrigo admits to viewing the world as his playground. He constantly travels, seeking inspiration to fuel his desire to create beautifully crafted pieces. He adores music, art and the beauty that surrounds all of us around the world. While designing his collections, he reinterprets old Hollywood glamour for women who want to look chic and powerful today.
Rodrigo states that the most defining characteristic of his work is ‘light’. This, in turn, often motivates his decisions to incorporate Swarovski crystals into his award-worthy designs. He credits Vogue for discovering him while he was living in Australia and designing his very first pieces of jewelry. In 2003, Rodrigo collaborated with Christian Lacroix for Lacroix's couture show, which caught the eyes of several celebrities including Britney Spears and Madonna. Intense drama and spirited glamour are characteristic of his pieces. It is therefore no surprise that Lady Gaga is now credited as his biggest fan, choosing to work with Rodrigo to enhance her jaw-dropping looks.
For those of us who are inspired to add a bit of sparkle to our lives this holiday season, there is no better way to start the week than with today’s exclusive interview with Rodrigo Otazu. Rodrigo's designs are exquisite and his zest for life and inherently optimistic outlook are admired. When we asked Rodrigo for his holiday message, he said: “Keep your focus and don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams cannot come true. Do not let anyone stop you. The strength that you need is in yourself - never forget that and have a great and positive 2012. With love, Rodrigo."

Source: RODRIGO NEW YORK and YouTube. 
These photos have been placed with permission of Rodrigo Otazu. 

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