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04 januari 2014

INTERIOR: Enignum Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh

Would like to share with you this beautiful Enignum Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh. What an elegant fluent lines & curves. The material wood has become Joseph Walsh's creative journey. A self taught designer and Irish born, Joseph Walsh expresses his passion and imagination through his work ethic and commitment to exploring the depth and potential of wood as structure, form, material, technology and ecology. His work is a testament to the beauty of pursuing the mastery of a material and exploring a life's work by learning from each experience. His wood pieces move like the wind, bend like paper, mold like clay and have the strength of bone.  

More about Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh founded his studio in 1999 in Co Cork, Ireland. He is a self taught designer who travelled to other designers' workshops in order to gain experience. At the same time he visited various museums and galleries where he observed and explored art and design. His work is an expression of his deepest values, a sensitive approach to structure and form.  His intention to evaluate the different issues of space and light helps to redefine things and translate them in a different unique way. Joseph Walsh manages to capture the substance of the form and uses his imagination in order to change things by giving new shapes and forms.
Joseph Walsh, the designer
Joseph Walsh's work has been exhibited in Hunt Museum in Limerick. He has participated in various exhibitions around the world like Pavilion of Art & Design (PAD) in London, Interior Design Show RDS Ballsbridge in Dublin, SEOMRA La Galerie SEMA in Paris, SOFA expo in Chicago etc.

Sources: Yatzer and Joseph Walsh
Photos: courtesy of Joseph Walsh.

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