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02 oktober 2014


Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen uses 3D printing and magnets to form her Spring/Summer 2015 fashion collection at Paris Fashion Week September 2014-15. 
Iris van Herpen 's initial ideas for her S/S 2015 collection came after she visited the Large Hadron Collider at Swiss scientific research facility CERN, where magnetic fields are created in excess of 20,000 times greater than the Earth's. 
"I find beauty in the continual shaping of chaos, which clearly embodies the primordial power of nature's performance," said Van Herpen, describing her Magnetic Motion collection.
She collaborated with Dutch artist Jolan van der Wiel – who designed magnet dresses with Van Herpen last year – and Canadian architect Philip Beesley, who's work combines advanced computing, synthetic biology and mechatronics engineering. 
Shoes, belts, necklaces and clutches were shaped by manipulating metal-infused materials with magnets, so no two are identical.
Techniques including injection moulding and laser cutting were used to create intricate three-dimensional structures for dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts and blouses. A minimal colour palette of black, white, midnight blue and nude was used to highlight the details of the garments. 
A 3D-printed transparent dress covered in crystalline formations was created in collaboration with architect Niccolo Casas.
Sources: VOGUEIris van Herpen and Dezeen

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