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08 januari 2015

INTERIOR: The Beauty & Simplicity of Japanese Interior Design

Love the beauty & simplicity of Japanese interior design combined with wood & water elements and traditional Japanese plants such as bamboo and bonsai. The incorporation of unique aesthetics borrowed from Taoism makes Japanese interior design beautiful, simple and modest. There are several ways that you can incorporate these styles in your home to achieve their level of harmony brought by them.
Saturating some of the unique aspect of nature into the interior design of your home is one of the main pillars of the Japanese culture. In this way they are showing respect to the world they live in. You can add traditional Japanese plants such as bamboo and bonsai or use other plants as long as you keep them light and lovely. The presence of life and the green environment will give your home Japanese feel. Another aspect of Japanese interior design involves the use of large and expansive windows to bring out the beauty of nature inside the house.
Japanese interior design also appreciates the serene sound of bubbling water. You can incorporate this type of setting in your house by having soaking tabs installed. To give it a more Japanese look, try having the tabs small, deep and made with a side bench.
Image:Herve Abbadie, found on  Du Côté de chez Vous
Image: Sanuki + Nishizawa
Japanese interior designs use wood elements and bamboo as a way of trying to harmonize nature into their homes. By using wooden flooring, doors and frames can (like bamboo), you will get that Japanese feel.
Photo via Ganref
In the entry of your house, you can have a Japanese style entryway where it will serve as a place to receive visitors. You can place a shelf where your guests can store their shoes. Don't forget the indoor slippers they can put on. To enhance the Japanese style, you can have a stone tile flooring in the entry way.
Source: Decoholic

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