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23 februari 2015


While surfing on internet this afternoon I found some beautiful wallpaper designs from the luxurious brand Hermès with all kind of iconic patterns, amongst other things equestrian, wicker work, travel, fantasy etc., like the beautiful wallpaper Circuit 24 or Fil d'Argent. Below you will find an impression. 
Design: Circuit 24. 
A contemporary interpretation of the iconic Chaine d'Ancre.
The striated rings evoke motor racing tracks.
Design: Equateur.
The iconic design by Robert Dallet created in 1988 presents a vision
on a grand scale of equatorial flora and fauna.
 Design: Dune.
This original drawing of Jeff Fischer recalls coastal flora in a medallion composition. The vegetal patterns with colors patinated by the fresh air reflect pallets of grass, algae and sea water. The technique of engraved printing allows a perfect gouache effect.
 Design: Optique chaîne d'ancre.
The iconic sailor motif revisited by Anamorphée is linked together in a two-tone graphic checkerboard pattern in a contempory spirit. The harmony of natural colors is inspired by shells, sand and the seabed.
 Design: Cotte de Maillons.
A design created by Henri d'Origny for the tie collection, Cotte de maillons is a delicate design of continuous, interlocking rings which evoke the metallic pieces used on harnesses. It is a continuation of the Fil d'argent design on a smaller scale and with a more jewellery-inspired spirit.
Design: Rayure Hippique.
These stripes in constrasting colours and cadenced lines 
evoke the bars of show-jumping obstacles.
 Design: Fil d'Argent. 
The design composed of interlaced rings is inspired by 
the metalwork used for horses harnesses.
 Design: Finish.
The wallpaper version of the Finish fabric: an exuberant horse race sketched from life.
 Design: Up and Down.
These irregular stripes dissemble a graphic device that plays with the letter H.
 Design: Vannerie.
Designed by Henri d'Origny, this wallpaper printed like a trompe-l'oeil evokes basketry 
and basket weaving, garden trellises and plaits. Its colours are inspired by natural hues.
 Design: Panoramique Pele Mele.
Block-printed by hand in France using a traditional technique, 
this fresco pays homage to the house's equestrian history.
Design: Clou médor.
The Médor Nail, metallic element from the Hermès jelewry collections is here illustrated 
in trompe l'oeil in cameo shades reinforced by the metallic effects.

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