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09 juli 2015

LIGHTING DESIGN: Lamps from jeans by Leonie & Lois

From Utrecht to Milan: do you know Spijkerbrij project?
Interesting lighting design, the Spijkerbrij-Light, handmade from old jeans by the Dutch stylists Leonie Vlaar & Lois Stolwijk. Spijkerbrij is a production method. Leonie & Lois use old worn jeans to create new products by pressing the mixture of fibers and glue (Spijkerbrij) into a mold. In this way new products are produced. 
Lighting Design from jeans by Leonie & Lois.
Source: Trademart. Ph. Mara Stevelmans.

Photo credits Yordy & Mr. Stolwijk
More about the stylists
Meet Leonie & Lois, a brand from Utrecht, the Netherlands. After individually being titled as stylist, Leonie Vlaar and Lois Stolwijk met each other 5 years ago at the School of Arts (HKU). Two girls with different views on the same projects but with the common fascination for crafts and repurposing waste. From their mutual interest in fashion and old-styled garments in 2014 they founded their own company Leonie & Lois.   
Leonie & Lois creation includes accessories too, like bowties and interior goods, such as lamps and seats. During Milano Design Week 2015 and Salone del Mobile in collaboration with Crowdyhouse, Leonie and Lois gave live demonstrations of their making process turning people's old jeans into new products. Repurposing waste has never been so in fashion like in these years, like Leonie & Lois do. What will we expect for the future? Who knows: they're so incredibly creative!
Ph. Reinier RVDA
Ph. Jeroen Berends Photography and Film
Note: these photos have been placed with permission of Leonie & Lois.

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