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10 april 2016

ART: Colorful Digital Artwork by Dutch artist Jeanet Hage (04)

I recently visited an Art fair close at my place and found some beautiful and colorful digital artwork from the Dutch artist Jeanet Hage (Deco-Foto). Earlier I posted already 3 other blogs from Jeanet's work, see Blog nr. 01Blog nr. 02 and Blog nr. 03Be inspired .......
Digital Art 'Unusual orchids'
Living room with the digital artwork 'Unusual orchids'

More about the artist
Project design is what Jeanet Hage always has inspired and her inspiration source is nature. She says: 'Nature can offer immeasurable possibilities for photographing'. Jeanet is since 2009 busy with Digital Art. This means: art created by the computer. She is using merely her own materials, unless it concerns an assignment for a client. A new design starts by working with forms, lines and colors of a selected photo. The images of the original photo are often not recognizable anymore and became (half) abstract and figurative creations. Are you also inspired by this interesting abstract work? See her website below for more information. I will post later on some more work of Jeanet as a blogpost.  

 Thank you for reading this blogpost!
Source: Deco-Foto
These photos have been placed with permission of the artist. 

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