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08 december 2016


This week I received an invitation for the 15th Anniversary Edition of Masters of LXRY in Amsterdam RAI to see the inspiring art of the Dutch artist Alisa Lim A Po. I am very impressed by her work. Have a look below to see her interesting and colorful artwork. At Masters of LXRY leading names are gathering from the world of art, interiordesign, fashion, beauty, jewelry, watches, real estate, cars, boats, gastronomy etc. More work to be seen from her at Masters of LXRY from 8 - 12 December 2016 at Amsterdam RAI (NL). Entrance D. Stand Alisa Lim A Po - Hal 1, Art Avenue, Stand 12, see also the links below. I wrote earlier another BLOG about her inspiring work.
The artist, Alisa Lim A Po
More about the artist
Alisa wrote about herself the following text:
"Ever since childhood I wanted to be an artist, so at my 18th year I went to the Academy of Fine Arts in 's Hertogenbosch (NL). I quickly felt that this was not the right place at the right time for me. Now - after some wandering in the world of advertising and design - I'm exactly where I should be. Art truly delights, but it is also a task, a mission to make something that has a meaning. 

I find my inspiration from life. I reflect these experiences on the universal social behavior. My paintings refer to matters such as honesty, solidarity, trust and love. But also the negative aspects of life, such as sadness, loneliness, violence and fear. In my work I try to bring moments of daily life on the canvas where elements are presented on our behavior or complex of emotions. Sometimes subtly, sometimes more dominant. 

With the mix of my ideas and reality I create something new. I refer to Stephan Balkenhol when he says: "My work is a combination of a mirror and a projection screen. You recognize yourself in it or you can project your own ideas on it." My work hovers somewhere between figurative and abstract. It may be figurative, but represents no details. I characterize my work as limited realistic. Elements of recognizable reality are realistically shown, in greater or lesser degree. 

I use well-known materials such as paper and canvas, but work mainly in metals such as steel, tin, aluminum and copper. Working with these materials give me freedom and inspiration. I love to study the materials and use their features, especially because they also determine my work."

These photos have been placed with approval of Alisa Lim A Po. 

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