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15 december 2016

Fashion: Summary of the F/W 2016-17 Fashion Trends, Part 3

Below you will find a summary of the Fall/Winter 2016-17 fashiontrends with 55 trends, seen on the runway. This is Part 3. I will post totally 5 blogs about these fashiontrends. The fashiontrends I am showing here are: Military Style, Around the Knees Midi Hems, Cool-Girl Biker Jackets, Everything Extra-Long Sleeves, High Waists and Ankle Crops, Lingerie by Day, Pinstripe Suits, Shearling Coats, Sporty with a Touch of Hoodie, Tight Lacing Accents and Versatile Denim. See also PART 1 and PART 2, which I published earlier. Be inspired ....... 
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Military Style

Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Around the Knees Midi Hems 
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Cool-Girl Biker Jackets
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Versatile Denim
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Everything Extra-Long Sleeves
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: High Waists and Ankle Crops
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Lingerie by Day
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Sporty with a Touch of Hoodie
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Shearling Coats 
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Pinstripe Suits
Fashiontrend F/W 2016-17: Tight Lacing Accents
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Source: Fashionisers
Also many thanks to Fashionisers for sharing this interesting report. 

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