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23 juni 2017

Colortrends: Predictions by Pantone - Top 10 Colors of Fall 2016

F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Pantone Lush Meadow. Ph. via Lorenzo Homoet
Top 10 Colors of Fall 2016: Predictions by Pantone
Be inspired by the Pantone fashioncolors for Fall 2016. According to the Pantone Color Institute, Fall 2016 color palette is a unity of strength, confidence and complexity led by the Blue family and followed by earth tones and exuberant pops of vibrant colors. All of them working well to struggle against the contemporary turbulent life and to bring about a tad more tranquility and optimism around. 
1. Riverside – Pantone 17-4028
. 2. Airy Blue – Pantone 14-4122. 3. Sharkskin – Pantone 17-3914. 4. Aurora Red – Pantone 18-1550. 5. Warm Taupe – Pantone 16-1318. 6. Dusty Cedar – Pantone 18-1630. 7. Lush Meadow – Pantone 18-5845. 8. Spicy Mustard – Pantone 14-0952. 9. Potter’s Clay – Pantone 18-1340. 10. Bodacious – Pantone 17-3240.

Two colors in particular are poised to dominate our homes and our closets for Fall 2016 — the new blues, Riverside and Airy Blue. 
According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, she said: 'The blue hues are a continuation of the soothing, calming effect of 2016’s colors of the year. If you look at this season's entire palette, the idea of comforting blues coming to the top of the list again'. Below you will find several fashion color reports. I saw lots of beautiful colors for this season. Just enjoy the Beauty of Colors!

F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Spicy Mustard
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Electric Fuchsia & Pink

F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Riverside Blue
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Aurora Red
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Pantone Lush Meadow. Ph. via Lorenzo Homoet
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Pantone Lush Meadow
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Bodacious Purple
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Blackest Black
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Cobalt Blue & Navy Blue
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Lush Meadow Green
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Airy Blue
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Khaki & Olive Green
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Potters Clay
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Dusty Cedar
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Sharkskin Grey
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Tangerine & Coral
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Metallic Touches
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Powdery Pastel Colors
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Sweet Lilac
F/W 2016-17 Colortrends - Warm Taupe
Thank you for reading this blogpost.
Sources: Fashionisers 01 and Fashionisers 02
Photos courtesy of Vogue via Fashionisers.

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