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26 oktober 2013


Animal sculptures made of salvaged plastic by Sayaka Ganz.
Many artists seem to enjoy experimenting with the idea of downcycling by reusing waste materials in order to create inspired artworks. However, when this passion is supported by a genuine belief in the value of resources, the result cannot be anything less than breathtaking.
Sayaka Ganz was born in Japan but grew up in numerous cities all over the world. She was raised under the Japanese philosophy of Shinto where all objects and organisms are believed to have a spirit and a soul. Since an early age, when she was still in kindergarten, she was taught that 'objects that are discarded before their time, weep at night inside the trash bin'. As she explains, this belief became her inspiration and guidance throughout her art journey, satisfying her constant need to adjust in various environments by creating her own harmony. Ganz collects previously used and discarded objects and with her talent and enthusiasm she transfigures them into animal forms by simply combining plastic residues.

In her basement, Sayaka Ganz contains 30 plastic bins in which she stores all kinds of coloured sorted plastic objects. When the objects from one colour are enough to get her started she then decides the subject of her new sculpture. All of her artworks are defined by a fascinating sense of motion. A sense that captivates viewers with an overall goal to remind them that even small forgotten pieces can coexist and form a beautiful piece of art.  
At first, she wires the outlines of her new sculpture and after studying every different angle of it, she starts enjoying the creation process by putting the objects together. Although the whole procedure is long and demanding, she claims that she feels increasingly enthusiastic and eager to have fun with the start of each new project.
> This is like a puzzle to me. I make sure that all the objects are properly aligned to maximize the effect of motion, then add, step back, add something else, step back again and then maybe remove a piece. I keep on going until the piece looks completely formed but not overly dense. When my sculptures are observed from a distance, they represent the great beauty and harmony in our community. Through my sculptures I believe that I transmit a message of hope. <
About the artist:
Sayaka Ganz’s work has been exhibited in many places around the world, among them London, Tokyo, Takaoka, the Isle of Man, New York, San Francisco to name a few. Her attention to detail is what makes her work differentiate and stand out and her ability to imagine all these everyday objects as a unique part of a bigger vision is what makes her art so special. For more information, see the enclosed links below. 

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