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29 juli 2018

The launch of the iconic perfume Opium by YSL in 1977

Yves Saint Laurent began revolutionizing the fashion world more than three decades ago. Opium, his signature scent, continues to dazzle. Below you will find several photos with text from the launch of his perfume Opium in 1977 at the Seaport NYC. Sultry, seductive, successful - these have all become the signature descriptors of Yves Saint Laurent’s now iconic perfume, Opium. Be Inspired ......
Take a step back in time. It is 1977 France. Elegant decadence and open, relaxed sexual expression rule the runways and the streetscapes. Yves Saint Laurent, the revolutionary fashion designer largely responsible for putting modern women into pants and men’s tuxedo jackets, is about to shake up the fragrance world. On avenue Marceau, together with a few journalists and friends, Mr. Saint Laurent unveils Opium, a fragrance unlike anything else and one that will pave the way for the floral-Oriental scents that follow in the 1980s. Opium is a unique blend of warm and cool, evoking sensuality and opulence. The eau de parfum and eau de toilette open on a wave of mandarin and bergamot, enriched and enlivened by jasmine, spicy carnation, lily of the valley, myrrh, vanilla, amber and patchouli.
Opium also paves the way for innovation, audacity and luxury — all hallmarks of a progressive advertising campaign that features a unity vision, messaging and design. The strength of the product and the campaign not only breaks tradition, it will lead the launch of Opium to break its own marketing department’s initial sales plan. Sales are 15 times greater than expected. One month before Christmas, the brand is unable to keep up with demand in France. Clients pay one year in advance to ensure they will get their own Opium bottle.
Sultry, seductive, successful — these have all become the signature descriptors of Yves Saint Laurent’s now iconic perfume, Opium. But by the time it made its U.S. debut in 1978 aboard the tall ship Peking berthed at New York City’s South Street Seaport in the East Harbour, Opium was nothing short of scandalous. Its grand entrance almost never happened because of its controversial name and the fear and resentment it elicited on the part of a few loud voices. But it did happen and society pages showcased the U.S. Opium launch as the much-anticipated event it was.
Opium advertising campaign, 1977 - Jerry Hall by Helmut Newton for Marie Claire.it
The fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent
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