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17 augustus 2021

Gardens: Walk Through Landscape Designer Paolo Pejrone's Happy Gardens

While surfing on internet today I saw these stunning garden designs from Italian landscape designer Paolo Pejrone. Paolo creates happy, harmonious gardens. Today the 76-year-old landscape designer shows no sign of slowing down. Walk through Paolo Pejrone's happy gardens.  
More about the landscape designer
Paolo Pejrone, landscape architect, dendrologist, plant collector, writer and hands-on gardener has been Italy’s leading garden designer in recent decades. He loves to tease. He claims to practise ‘the oldest profession in the world’. No, he insists, not what you think, but the one described in the Bible: ‘The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it’ (Genesis 2:15). This means, he says, seriously this time: “Cultivate and care”, an approach he learned when training with two great twentieth century gardeners: Russell Page and Roberto Burle Marx. Paolo Pejrone was born in Turin in Piedmont in 1941. He first learned gardening from his grandmother and from a peasant couple who taught him to grow vegetables, raise chickens and propagate plants. When he was fourteen, this farm was sold to a nunnery: “One day in June I lost my world. I have spent all my life trying to rebuild it.” At 16 he met the celebrated Italian designer Pietro Porcinai who encouraged him to graduate from the Polytechnical school of Turin. In 1970 he met Russell Page who sent him off to visit English gardens, bringing back notes and sketches for commentary. From there, Pejrone went on to Brazil to work with Burle Marx. Pejrone has since created gardens in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Austria, France and the UK. In Italy, after Page’s death in 1984, he took on much of the latter’s prestigious clientele, including the Agnelli family at the famous Villar Perosa. Pejrone also worked for years as an editor for Condé Nast and still writes a weekly column for a major Italian newspaper, La Stampa. Italian vice president of the International Dendrology Society, he also was a founding member of the Italian landscape architects’ association (AIAPP). 

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