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18 juni 2014

Painting with wool by Ellen van der Wiel / Feltgood

I was inspired by this beautiful & colourful work from Dutch designer Ellen van der Wiel from Feltgood. For more information, see the enclosed links below. 

About Feltgood
Modern, clear, colourful and organic are all words that can be used to describe the exclusive designs of 'Feltgood by Ellen van der Wiel'. 'Painting with wool' is how Ellen describes the art she creates with her self-produced felt. Colour transitions, natural shapes, rhythms and lines are important elements. Different colour shading and layering create subtle depth. The contrast between the soft, traditionally produced material and the clean lines is an intriguing aspect of her work. She has her own signature. Her use of felt is authentic and innovative.
Felt paintings
Tangible Art
Ellen van der Wiel's felt paintings ask to be touched, have a warm appearance and provide comfortable acoustics. Her tangible art comes into its own right in modern and classical interiors, for businesses or for the home.

Design process for felt paintings and cushions
Ellen produces her felt paintings by layering wool - sometimes mixed with silk, flax or bamboo - in different colours and graphic patterns and 'felting' it. She cuts the felted pieces into strips which she then arranges to her required design. The “puzzle” is then sewn together and stretched over a frame to emphasise the liniar pattern. When making the cushions the reverse side of the seams is sometimes visible. This provides different structures and the colours and patterns of each side of the material play a role in the design.
Inspiration and use of colour
Important sources of inspiration are Japanese design and the 'modern mid-century' style period, but the use of felt allows Ellen to create her own unexpected style. Colour transitions are the starting point for her designs.
The designer, Ellen van der Wiel
Ellen van der Wiel (The Hague, 1960) studied theatre design at the Rietveld Academy and interior design at the Artemis Academy, both in Amsterdam. She has worked as a costume designer for film and television, was head of media styling at the Artemis Academy and interior stylist for the magazine 'VT Wonen' and department stores 'HEMA' and 'IKEA'. She obtained wider recognition through her interior make-overs for television programmes such as 'Koffietijd' and 'TV-woonmagazine'. In 2008 Ellen made the decision to develop her own products, with colour as the starting point and self-produced felt as the medium. Using the name 'Feltgood by Ellen van der Wiel' she markets her (applied) art, including cushions, blankets and felt paintings. Ellen has a studio and showroom in Zutphen.

Note: this blogpost has been placed with approval of the designer Ellen van der Wiel. 

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