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01 augustus 2014

LIGHTING DESIGN: Patrick Weder's Cloud-Like Lamps (ICFF 2014)

I was inspired by these interesting lighting designs from Patrick Weder. Brooklyn-based designer Patrick Weder's beautiful new paper lamps, which were on display at the ICFF 2014, are made from repurposed chicken coop wire and paper pulp and they resemble delicate pieces of coral. Fitted with energy efficient LED bulbs, the lamps give off a warm glow as light emits through the twisting form. When unlit, the lamps appear to be almost opaque, revealing the bones of the chicken wire only slightly. But when illuminated, the paper pulp material turns a warm and creamy hue, casting a comfortable and relaxing glow.
Each of the delicate lamps is made from hand-formed chicken wire and the wire’s hectagon pattern is visible when the lamp is illuminated. Weder’s lamps take on an oceanic feel, looking like coral from one angle and a blowfish from the other, while still retaining an amorphous cloud-like feeling. For more information, see the enclosed links below. 
More about the designer
Patrick Weder’s work marries streamlined architectural elegance with an absolute understanding of functional needs, creating designs that are as practical as they are visually stunning. He seamlessly integrates his pieces within both residential and commercial spaces. Inspired by mid 20th century design and naturally occurring forms, Weder created the combination of Corian and wood in 2001 and continues to refine this pairing while adding materials such as concrete to his line.

Originally from Switzerland, Weder moved to New York in 1994 to pursue art and design. After numerous exhibitions and high-end architectural projects, his experience working with a diverse set of materials - such as resin, wire, sand, and paper - led him to begin his own business creating primarily site- specific handmade furniture and functional objects. Weder’s background in art, design and architecture helped him develop a brilliant sense of spatial relationships and the ability to design and execute a perfect fit for unique and exacting spaces.

Patrick has completed numerous interiors for clients in the United States and Europe. In 2009 Weder was selected to exhibit in the Makers Market at Socrates Sculpture Center. This marks Weder’s début at the Architectural Digest show’s curated MADE section, where he will be featuring a new line of completely modular credenzas, shelving and storage units.

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