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30 augustus 2022

Art: Beautiful head sculpture by artist Jilly Sutton

Today I would like to share with you this beautiful head sculpture called 'The Architect' from artist Jilly Sutton. Isn't it beautiful? Be Inspired ......

The Architect 142 x 104 x 132cm
Verdigris bronze resin sculpture available in pure Bronze

More about the artist

Jilly Sutton trained as a sculptor at Exeter College of Art. Her career developed in Nigeria, where the art forms that flourish there (particularly carvings and textiles) fired her imagination. She researched and worked with indigo dye both in Africa and back home in England. Now, her inspiration comes from the ancient trees and woodland that surround her studio and the home she shares with her architect husband on the banks of the River Dart in Devon.

Using locally fallen or felled timber, Sutton carves large heads and figures, sandblasting and liming to give them their unique, grainy character. Although her work is mainly figurative, often with an overriding sense of serenity, abstraction also features in her oeuvre.

In her own words:
"The warmth of wood, the quality of the grain, and the life embodied in each and every tree, together with a veneration of the head as a sculptural form … this is my passion. However, working with the vagaries of the organic, still living, nature of the material, and pushing the boundaries of its plasticity, is the constant challenge."
Jilly Sutton’s sculptures have been exhibited internationally and are in public and private collections in the UK and abroad. Her carved wooden portrait of the former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion is in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection.

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25 augustus 2022

Interior Design: Some lovely green kitchens

 While surfing last week on internet I found these lovely green kitchens. In love with this fantastic color! Green cabinets are trending. Below are some fresh looks for green cabinets in hues ranging from pale sage to olive, all of them so lovely, don’t you think? Be Inspired ....... I wrote more blogs about kitchen Design, see HERE
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21 augustus 2022

Art: Expressive & colorful artwork from Italian artist Silvio Porzionato

A few pieces caught my eye this week, like this expressive, 
colorful and stylish artwork from the Italian artist Silvio Porzionato. Isn't it a beautiful piece of art? It's called Red Manga (2021). Love the way Silvio blends fashion and art with passionated red painting. For more information about this inspiring artist, see below. 

More about the artist
Silvio Porzionato was born in Moncalieri (TO- Italy) in 1971. He is a figurative painter who prefers oil paint on large canvases. He takes photographs of friends and people he meets on the street. His figures are depicted in statuary close-ups, although ordinary people; have the power to make us forget the typical private dimension of the portrait and, at the same time, they have the power to become icons of the human race. Silvio graduated from art school, then he has been head designer for a decade in an important Italian company.  

In the end, he decided to start a new life in the silence of the countryside, closely with nature and art. So he found his way: he was noticed and he got many national awards. After only one year he got Mondadori Art Prize and in 2010 he won the critics' prize in Saluzzo Art and he realized a permanent work for the Museum of Urban Art in Turin. In 2011 he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale. In 2013 he realized three installations named "Temporal Code" composed of 112 paintings for the MACS (Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily), almost a gallery of mirrors that reflected the different ages of man from childhood to old age: each portrait has the same intensity and significance. His last solos and group exhibitions were held in Hong Kong, Miami, Chicago, London, Paris, Bogotá, New York, Seoul, and Istanbul.

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Source: Silvio Porzionato
Note: these photos have been placed with approval of the artist

Runway: Colorful collection from Valentino F/W 2022 Couture

 Be Inspired by this colorful and elegant couture collection from Valentino for their season Fall/Winter 2022 Couture .......  I wrote much more blogs about Valentino, SEE HERE

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Ph. courtesy of Valentino

19 augustus 2022

Dog Mansions in Bauhaus style by Best Friend's Home

Dog Mansion 'Cubix'
And you thought your dog was spoiled? I’m not sure if this is more for the owner or dog, but these dog houses from Best Friend’s Home are pretty snazzy. With this design they pay hommage to Bauhaus. Clear lines, puristic colours, glass cladding. Following the connotatively Bauhaus architecture spacious cubix offers lots of light and room for small and big dogs. The apparently free floating roof is a special highlight. For more information please have a look at the enclosed links below.
Dog Mansion 'Cubix'
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Source: Beautiful Life


A few pieces caught my eye this week, like this lovely Vincent van Gogh color palette. It's from his painting 'The Olive Trees' from 1889. Vincent van Gogh was a Post-Impressionist Dutch painter who was most well-known for his bold paintings such as The Starry Night, Vase with Twelve Sunflowers and Starry Night Over the Rhone. I was wondering, can this beautiful color palette inspired by Van Gogh’s artwork inspire you for your next home decor project?
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Source: Bandaged Ear

For more photos, see also Pinterest "Color Palettes"

16 augustus 2022

Inspiring spiral staircase designs from around the world

Watch where you tread: some of these stairs have been climbed by kings and princesses, prime ministers and presidents. Viewed from above, a spiral staircase can appear as an ominous eye, an infinite fractal shell or a bottomless work of abstract art. Amazing staircases can be found in incredibly varied forms – including circular, triangular and square and are made of myriad materials from stone and wood to concrete and metal.
Organized by material type, this collection includes classical forms from ancient artisans and dynamic designs from all-star architects. From the most primitive and elemental spiral staircases to postmodern works of dizzying proportions. Here are several examples of spiral staircase designs from around the world – all photographed from above. For more information please have a look at the website of Dornob, see enclosed hyperlink.
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13 augustus 2022

Bedroom Idea: Elegant & refined bedroom by interior designer Melanie Turner

I adore this project by Melanie Turner Interiors. It's an elegant & refined bedroom designed by interior designer Melanie Turner. The gray tones combined with soft white, salmon and touches of gold make this romantic bedroom so warm and inviting while remaining luxurious. Love Melanie's choice of the 
iron canopy bed, the gray floral wallpaper as well as the Chinoiserie curtains. Beautiful, isn't it? Be Inspired .......

Melanie Turner: beautiful gray bedroom with gray floral wallpaper, framing iron canopy bed accented with white headboard and gray bedding. The bed is flanked by mismatched nightstands with vintage urn alabaster lamps and a white sheepskin bench. The bedroom windows are dressed in pink Chinoiserie fabric, curtains Mary McDonald Chinois Palais Blush Conch Fabric. 

More about the interior designer
Inspired by fashion and borrowing a palette from nature, Melanie Turner’s curated interiors possess a timeless quality that celebrate architectural details and classic design. She is an advocate for not only surrounding yourself with beauty but also living beautifully. Art and collections are signatures of her edited designs. Balance, scale, light and subtle color, or lack thereof, all factor into her residences, creating a timeless effect. 
MTI’s design projects are located throughout the United States and Mexico. Melanie’s passion for designing beautiful interiors transpires into sophisticated yet, unassuming spaces that change the way people live.
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Melanie Turner Interiors