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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my weblog. I am Irene, Elisabeth Pouw, a Dutch blogger. As blogger I am connecting my readers with beauty, style, quality and craftsmanship in various subjects like interiordesign, architecture, haute couture, photography, art etc. I love decorating & bringing beauty and harmony into interiors. I created this blog to share my passion for decorating as well as the many other things which inspire me. From time to time I am also highlighting certain interior designers, decorators, architects, stylists, photographers etc. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to give a comment on my blogs. I will react back as soon as possible. Best regards, Irene Pouw from Holland.

30 april 2022

Elegant wall lighting design: 'Aurae' by Arkoslight

While surfing this morning on internet I found this beautiful, elegant and efficient wall light called 'Aurae' from the company Arkoslight. This amazing design gives this luminaire a timeless beauty: simple and calm. Be Inspired .......

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Sources: Arkoslight 
and Archello

28 april 2022

Iris van Herpen: Gigi Hadid softly unfolding the ‘Aeriform' dress

 Long-time readers discovered already that I am a huge fan of the designs of fashion designer Iris van Herpen. Love her craftsmanship, creativity and innovative designs! Below I would like to share with you this photo where Gigi Hadid is dressed in an Iris van Herpen dress, softly unfolding the ‘Aeriform' dress. The photo was lensed by Albert Watson. Be Inspired ..... Earlier I wrote more blogs about this fantastic fashion designer, see HERE

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Photo: courtesy of Iris van Herpen

Styling: @danieledley
Make-up: @jameskaliardos
Hair: @kerrywarnofficial

26 april 2022


Beautiful armchairs, seen at Casamidy Mexico / Brussels. Love their style! Casamidy was established in 1998 by Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy with the objective of combining contemporary design with traditional artisan methods of manufacture. All the items presented on their website are original ideas of Jorge and Anne-Marie. Earlier I placed 2 other blogs about their beautiful products, see Blog 01 and Blog 02.
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Note: these pictures have been placed with approval of Casamidy / Jorge Almada

24 april 2022

Decorating: Elegant wallpaper with peacocks & flowers by Graham & Brown

I guess long-time readers discovered already how I love wallpapers ..... While surfing on internet this morning I found this beautiful wallpaper called 'Resplendence Blush' designed by the company Graham & Brown. It's a new version from an old design from their archives. Such an elegant and refined wallpaper with greenblue hand painted peacocks and pastel yellow flowers. They contrast beautifully against a soft pink background. Be Inspired by this sparkling wallpaper from Graham & Brown. In the past I wrote more 'Wallpaper' blogs, see HERE 

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22 april 2022

MFW: Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2021 Menswear, Part 2

Be inspired by this delightful collection from Dolce & Gabbana for their season Spring/Summer 2021 Menswear, seen at Milan Fashion Week. I wrote earlier MORE BLOGS about Dolce & Gabbana.

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Source: VOGUE

20 april 2022

Interior designer to know: Katty Schiebeck

While surfing on internet I found this beautiful apartment of 400 m2 located in Barcelona on the Paseo de Gracia, the most listed street of Barcelona. It is designed by the very talented interior designer & blogger Katty Schiebeck. She created a sophisticated & elegant place with personality. Love her interesting choices for interior design. Enjoy the beauty and luxury of this apartment .....  

Katty Schiebeck, interior designer
More about Katty
Katty Schiebeck, self-taught interior designer and blogger at Somewhere I Would Like to Live — a website of inspiring photography, tasteful interiors and architecture — is truly the product of her generation. Her work has been shared online with such an enthusiasm that it has catapulted her onto the international stage.

Despite her modest-sized portfolio of residential projects — the most blogged-about being a 440-square-metre apartment in Barcelona’s upscale Passeig de Gràcia — Schiebeck’s distinctive style has attracted attention from day one. What some might see as a mix of Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary Spanish design, the interior designer prefers to describe simply as “welcoming and austere at the same time”. There are many other influences at play, she adds. The work of Modernists Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe and the dramatic interiors of American architect Paul Rudolph are all touchstones. 

Most important for Schiebeck, however — and the starting point for every project — is to respect the history or the ‘bones’ of each site. “I try to retrieve some architectural elements of the space, for instance: a floor of mosaic tiles or some moulds on the walls,” she explains. “I’ve been fortunate to work on properties in Barcelona of modernist style, where you always find such decorative elements.” 

Schiebeck came to interiors via real estate, an avenue that allowed her to build a client base quickly but decorating was always her first love. “I used to love going to Encants, a small flea market in Barcelona, to look for pieces,” she says. “Furniture with lots of character fascinates me.”

The furniture Schiebeck sources for her clients is mostly custom-designed and made to fit each interior, almost always in mid-century modern style. The careful arrangement of these pieces creates a sense of space — one of the most remarkable characteristics of her work. 

Another Schiebeck hallmark is an emphasis on light: “Always maximise the natural light,” she says. Adhering to a neutral colour palette — white, ecru, light grey and blond and honeyed woods with dramatic black accents — and the interplay of timber, marble and micro-cement surfaces make her interiors appear more light-filled.  

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18 april 2022

Fashion: Elegant hats by milliner Philip Treacy

While surfing on internet today I found these lovely hat designs from milliner Philip Treacy. They are from his S/S 2015 collection. Aren't they fresh and elegant? I had immediately a connection with Spring while looking at these mint green and beige hats below. Be Inspired ......
About Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy has become the world's most in demand hat designer. His hats are as popular with European aristocrats as with Hollywood royalty. Widely credited for changing the perception of the hat, he designs hats to flatter and enhance the wearer.

Philip Treacy, hat designer
“I have had the greatest pleasure of having the opportunity to challenge people's perception of what a hat should look like in the 21st century. I make hats because I love hats. It's an enigmatic object that serves the human purpose only of beautification and embellishment, and making one feel good, whether you’re the observer of the spectacle or the wearer”
— Philip Treacy
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Source: Philip Treacy

16 april 2022

Happy Easter to My Readers .....

 Wishing you wonderful time with family & friends. Happy Easter to you all!
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While surfing on internet this afternoon I found this inspiring artwork from Brooklyn artist KY Anderson. Love her shape-driven work accented with linear strokes as well as the coloruse. Be Inspired .......
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Enjoying Life ..... Beautiful infinity pool at Chedi Muscat, Oman

While surfing on internet I found this article about 20 of the most incredible infinity pools worldwide. What a pleasure to look at these inviting photos! I decided to choose one and would like to share with you this pool: it's the stunning location Chedi Muscat, Oman. Isn't it a great place to be? It looks like paradise ..... For more incredible infinity pools around the world, see the enclosed link below. :-)
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Source: Projectinspo

13 april 2022

Delightful collection from fashion designer Naeem Khan S/S 2021 RTW, Part 2

Be Inspired by this delightful Ready-To-Wear collection from Indian fashion designer Naeem Khan for his season Spring/Summer 2021 RTW. Earlier I wrote MORE BLOGS about this inspiring fashion designer. 

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Source: VOGUE