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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my weblog. I am Irene, Elisabeth Pouw, a Dutch blogger. As blogger I am connecting my readers with beauty, style, quality and craftsmanship in various subjects like interiordesign, architecture, haute couture, photography, art etc. I love decorating & bringing beauty and harmony into interiors. I created this blog to share my passion for decorating as well as the many other things which inspire me. From time to time I am also highlighting certain interior designers, decorators, architects, stylists, photographers etc. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to give a comment on my blogs. I will react back as soon as possible. Best regards, Irene Pouw from Holland.

29 november 2021

Editorial: Iman for Harper's Bazaar Arabia, issue Febr. 2021

Beautiful Somali supermodel Iman with an elegant hat design for Harper's Bazaar Arabia's February 2021 issue. Be Inspired ....... 
Headpiece, Dhs2,845, JR Malpere

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Source: Harper's Bazaar Arabia
Photography: Paola Kudacki. Styling: Jason Rembert. Hair: Oscar James. Make-Up: Camille Thompson. Manicure: Eri Handa. Stylists Assistants: Kristen McGovern, Eden Hurley and Wilton White. Production: Heather Robbins.

27 november 2021

Flashback: Stylish Chanel collection F/W 2019 RTW, Part 02

  Would like to share with you this elegant and stylish collection from Chanel Fall/Winter 2019 RTW. Love the beautiful fabrics which are used here. In the past I wrote much more inspiring blogs about CHANEL

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Photos courtesy of Chanel.
Source: VOGUE

26 november 2021


I admire the spontaneous abstract work by Dutch artist Karel Appel. Below you will find a painting from him, some additional information about him as a painter and several links, which I found after my research on internet. Last year I bought several blank paintings, paint as well as some knifes to start painting myself. Would love to paint in a spontaneous way like he did do. Will start soon. :-)
Christiaan Karel Appel was a Dutch painter, sculptor, poet and one of the founders of the avant-garde movement CoBrA. Karel Appel was born on 25 April 1921 at Dapperstraat 7 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. At fourteen, he produced his first real painting on canvas, a still life of a fruit basket. For his fifteenth birthday, his uncle gave him a paint set and an easel, and also taught him painting briefly. Appel studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, where he meet the dutch painter Corneille and some years later, Constant; they became close friends for years. 
Karel Appel (1982). Ph. Nationaal Archief.
In 1948 Appel joined CoBrA (from:Copenhagen, Bruxelles, Amsterdam) with Corneille, Constant and Jan Nieuwenhuys and the Belgian poet Christian Dotremont. This artistic movement was formed with a unifying doctrine of complete freedom of colour and form, as well as antipathy towards Surrealism.Their working method was based on spontaneity and experiment, and they drew their inspiration in particular from children’s drawings, from primitive art forms and from the work of Paul Klee and Joan Miró. The new art of the CoBrA-group was not popular in the Netherlands, but it found a warm and broad welcome in Denmark. 

As a result of this controversy and other negative Dutch reactions to CoBrA, Appel moved to Paris in 1950 and developed his international reputation by travelling to Mexico, the USA, Yugoslavia and Brazil. Appel died on 3 May 2006 in his home in Zürich, Switzerland. 

Watch here the great Cobra painter in action in this video from 1962 where we can see him in real life. 
1962. Karel Appel shows how a real "cobra-artist" paint!

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Sources: Moma.orgWikipediaWikipedia/CobraGemeente Museum NL and Appraise-Art 

25 november 2021

Art: Beautiful paintings by Konstantin Razumov (06)

Be Inspired by these beautiful impressionistic paintings from young and talented Russian artist Konstantin Razumov. I posted earlier several other blogs about his work, see also the other linksPart 01Part 02Part 03Part 04 and Part 05.
Impressionist painter, Konstantin Razumov.
About the artist:
Konstantin Razumov (Born 1974) is a young and talented artist from Russia. He studied at the studio of Ilya Glazunov at the Academy of Fine Arts of Moscow, where he specialised in history painting and achieved a great success.  He has painted all kinds of subjects, from glamorous ladies to landscapes. His bright colours, the smoothness of the skin in his nudes, the expressive features of his characters, distinguish his paintings. Razumov has a vibrant shimmering brushstroke plus a mastery of light and excellent draftsmanship. His works are much in demand. Influenced by many styles, he has mastered the technique of combining both Realism and Impressionism. In most of his figural paintings, the features of hands and face are painted realistically, while fabrics and the surroundings are painted with an impressionist brushstroke. Razumov is at his graceful best when his subjects are young ladies. 
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Sources: The Passion for Art and Cuded.com

24 november 2021

MFW: Colorful collection from Versace S/S 2022 RTW, Part 2

Be Inspired by this delightful collection from Versace S/S 2022 RTW, seen at Milan Fashion Week 2021. Part 3 will follow soon. I wrote earlier more blogs about VERSACE

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Photos courtesy of Versace.
Source: VOGUE

23 november 2021

Fashion: Burberry Resort 2022

Stylish Resort collection 2022 from the fashion brand Burberry. Be Inspired ......

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Photos courtesy of Burberry. 
Source: VOGUE

21 november 2021

Furniture Design: Beam Armchair by Oato

Beam is a minimalist design created by The Netherlands-based design firm Oato for Kuperus & Gardenier. This is the first piece of a collection of products that will include an armchair, various sized dining tables and an upholstered version of the armchair. The chair is made from oak wood and was inspired by stacked beam structures used in many cultures.

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19 november 2021

MFW: Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2022 RTW

 Inspiring collection from fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo for the season S/S 2022 RTW, seen at Milan Fashion Week 2021.

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Photos courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo. 
Source: VOGUE