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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my weblog. I am Irene, Elisabeth Pouw, a Dutch blogger. As blogger I am connecting my readers with beauty, style, quality and craftsmanship in various subjects like interiordesign, architecture, haute couture, photography, art etc. I love decorating & bringing beauty and harmony into interiors. I created this blog to share my passion for decorating as well as the many other things which inspire me. From time to time I am also highlighting certain interior designers, decorators, architects, stylists, photographers etc. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to give a comment on my blogs. I will react back as soon as possible. Best regards, Irene Pouw from Holland.

31 januari 2019

Bathrooms: Amazing London house by interiors firm Studio MacLean

Be Inspired by this amazing bathroom in a London house & garden studio designed by British interiors firm Studio MacLean. Love their choice of tiles, the high black doors of steel, the marble sink as well as the gold colored mirror. 
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Source: Dezeen

28 januari 2019

Design: Sophisticated Bridle kitchen design in dark gray oak by Waterworks

Sophisticated Bridle kitchen design by Waterworks. Inspired by boxed planters in the gardens of Versailles, the new Bridle collection incorporates unique v-groove wood paneling, integrated hardware and metal strapping to create an eye-catching look. Above it's shown in dark gray oak with unlacquered brass hardware. Be Inspired .....

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Sources: Dering Hall and Waterworks

26 januari 2019

Menswear & Style: Mariano Ontañon stars in El Burgués Lookbook

Today I spotted this chic and elegant collection from El Burgués for Fall 2017. The fashion brand enlists the Argentinean model Mariano Ontañon as the star of its lookbook. Below you will find some exciting and stylish choices. From fitted leather jackets and striped turtleneck sweaters to slim blue jeans. Be Inspired ....

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Source: The Fashionisto

Fashion Photography: Polish folklore beauties by Ula Kóska (02)

While surfing on Pinterest today I saw these colorful fashion photos called 'Polish folklore beauties' lensed by photographer Ula Kóska. They are from the series Etno. The make-up art is made by Beata Bojda. So colorful and powerful as well! Be Inspired ........
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Photo: courtesy of Ula Kóska.
Sources: FUBIZ and ULA KOSKA

24 januari 2019

Decorating: Moroccan wallpaper by interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel

While surfing on internet today I found this beautiful Moroccan wallpaper designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel. What a great design, love it! I wrote more about this interesting interior designer. Earlier I wrote another blog where Sarah was working as designer for the renovation of the Celebrity Home of Mandy Moore Be Inspired .......
More about Sarah
Sarah Sherman Samuel is a Los Angeles based Designer, Art Director and Content Creator. After earning her BFA in design, her career started in advertising before she found her niche in surface & product design while working at an LA based fashion paper product company. There she served as creative director developing products, and their pattern-based artwork, for their line of stylish paper goods at Target. During her 5 years there, she was honing her personal aesthetic and in 2013 decided to break out on her own to share her unique design point-of-view through her blog and line of products. 

A color and pattern expert, Sarah is known for effortlessly combining styles to create distinctive spaces, coveted products and drool worthy images that have been shared and repinned by millions of Pinterest users. Additionally, Domino Magazine, Lonny, Glitter Guide and Refinery 29 all agree that Sarah's Instagram account is a must follow. 

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Interior Design by @sarahshermansamuel

Abstract Art: Inspiring artwork by German artist Christian von Grumbkow (01)

Recently I discovered these impressive abstract paintings from the German artist Christian von Grumbkow. I was immediately touched by his colorful, huge pieces as well as his expressive coloruse in red, orange, blue and black. Therefore I decided, in cooperation with him, to write several blogs about his inspiring and versatile art. I am sure you will be surprised too! Below you will find the nine parts of his artwork (size 10 x 5,5 Meter) called 'Life Streams' which he painted between November 2010 & February 2011 (Foyer Volkswohlbund, Dortmund, Am Südwall). You will also find below more information about him as an artist, his background and for which reasons he likes to touch other people spiritually by creating this kind of art. More blogs are following soon about this great artist. Be Inspired .......
More about the artist
Christian von Grumbkow is a German artist born in 1946 in Oberhausen, Germany and he is painting since he has the age of 3 years old. He is very well experienced as an international artist for more than 40 years. He had more than 300 exhibitions from 1971 untill 2018 in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Austria, the UK, U.S.A., Canada, Poland, France. 
Christian followed from 1966 - 1971 art lessons at Prof. Rudolf Schoofs, WKS Wuppertal, Germany. He took also fine arts lessons at the Dutch Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (NL) from 1969 - 1970. Earlier he worked at the Folkwangschule in Essen, Germany (1970 - 1980), was the founder and guitar player from the art-rock group Hoelderlin (1970 - 1977). He worked as a guest teacher in Alfter, Ulm, Witten, Vienna and London (1981 - 2010). During this period Christian also gave art seminars at various colleges / universities in the USA, Canada. He worked at the GB.Art Project at the CMS, Wuppertal, Germany and started with online tutorials with GEISTREICH LERNEN and his art school KUNST KURSE COACHING In 2009 Christian won the price Christa & Enno Springmann Kultur-Stiftung, Wuppertal, Essen, Germany.
Christian, you are an artist. What is your inner drive?
Already in the days of my childhood when I was a very shy little boy I became aware of being obsessed by a diversity of creative moments and possibilities within my reach: Drawings with my mother’s lipsticks on wallpapers, a guitar built by myself and my humming of self-composed songs, role-playing games or even plasticine landscapes.

Bright moments at school only if and only if I could draw, paint, plasticize or play music. In this respect the inner pulse “to feel myself”, to provoke, to manipulate and change social processes - be it in a sensitive or in a somewhat provocative way - became a kind of “inner language” - or even speech - since adolescence. For a couple of years I was not capable to communicate in common “verbal” language and could not master speech as a means of public communication.

However it was this attitude which allowed me against intense opposition to train my perception and helped to develop my inner posture concerning art during the years of studying art and later on. I discovered color as “Layer of Emotions” and a form of selftherapy. 
What should art, your art be capable to cause?
I have been painting for many years now. Collaborating with colleagues, art historians and gallery owners a specific outlook on art has developed and is still in process. Let me put it this way: The more authentic my way of living and working - the more my art gets precise and “reduced” to the core. Orders, sales and invitations to expositions came easier and had a lasting effect. Travelling, manifold encounters, any kind of experiences were as well an inspiring moment for me as artist and as human being. 

My art whether displayed in collections, public buildings or living spaces is not at all destructive or even cultivate destruction. The aim of my art should build up, strengthen / support, give more sensitivity and the viewer confront oneself partially. Art as a possibility for individual contemplation and social perception.

Inspiring quote Christian von Grumbkow – “Blurring”
“I don’t paint a message, nor thoughts, but I paint color ... I must struggle for quality, for the essence of color, for mood, for balance or even for dissonance. But there has to be a viewer who in the process of viewing, in appreciating the painting, can experience something, can even experience himself.“

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Note: These paintings have been placed with approval of the artist himself. 

22 januari 2019


Be Inspired by this stylish and colorful Ready-To-Wear collection from Dolce & Gabbana for the season Spring/Summer 2019, seen at Milan Fashion Week. I will show totally 3 blogs from this lovely collection. 
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Sources: VOGUE and Women's Fashion Week

18 januari 2019

Stunning evening gown from Tony Chaaya for S/S 2016 Couture

Stunning couture collection from fashion designer Tony Chaaya for the season S/S 2016. Be Inspired ........

More about the fashion designer
Tony Chaaya’s talent surely enhance every woman’s self-confidence. Simple with a classical touch, Tony Chaaya’s creations have survived the test of time. 

Since 1994, this fashion designer’s dresses, displayed on runways all over the Arab world, continue to seduce. His secret? Staying away from uncomfortable dresses and all that transforms a woman into a fashion victim. Thus, rich fabrics, skillfully cut, cover the curves in the most beautiful way, embroideries and sequins find their place, effortlessly and not excessively. In order to show each woman at her very best.

Tony Chaaya varies the cuts, the designs and the colors. With exceptional skill, he hides imperfections and highlights assets. Sublime dresses result, each one telling a story, reflecting a personality and a style. Through his dresses that are simple or refined, glamorous or merely chic, Tony Chaaya succeeded in just a few years to impose his touch and his unique vision on the world of Haute Couture. Fortunately for all the women who like dressing up and who recognize the quality of real talent. 

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Source: Tony Chaaya

16 januari 2019

Furniture Design: Elegant Art Nouveau-inspired Vienna Chair by Tom Faulkner

While surfing on internet today I found this beautiful Vienna chair from Tom Faulkner. The Vienna chair combines elegant Art Nouveau-inspired curves with a mid-century modernist aesthetic. It is beautifully proportioned with a dynamic silhouette and it is wonderfully comfortable. The legs are water cut from steel plate, providing a strength that belies the chair’s delicate design. Be Inspired ........ 
More about Tom Faulkner
Since its inception in the early 1990s, Tom Faulkner has grown into an award-winning and much celebrated creative business. It is loved by both private clients and professional interior designers for its show-stopping tables and chairs, elegant accessories, faultless standards of quality and exceptional service. Combining metal with marble, timber, glass and leather to form a group of sophisticated collections, Tom Faulkner produces design-led, high-end statement furniture for both traditional and contemporary settings.
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Sources: Dering Hall and Tom Faulkner

12 januari 2019

Lighting Design: Elegant purple table lamp from Heathfield & Co

While surfing on internet today I saw this elegant purple table lamp from the company Heathfield & Co. Love the coloruse in black and purple as well as the refined design. 
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Source: Heathfield & Co

10 januari 2019


Be Inspired by this beautiful Ready-To-Wear collection from Taiwanese fashion designer Jen Kao for the season Fall/Winter 2013-14. 
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Sources: Vogue Italy and Vogue.com