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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my weblog. I am Irene, Elisabeth Pouw, a Dutch blogger. As blogger I am connecting my readers with beauty, style, quality and craftsmanship in various subjects like interiordesign, architecture, haute couture, photography, art etc. I love decorating & bringing beauty and harmony into interiors. I created this blog to share my passion for decorating as well as the many other things which inspire me. From time to time I am also highlighting certain interior designers, decorators, architects, stylists, photographers etc. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to give a comment on my blogs. I will react back as soon as possible. Best regards, Irene Pouw from Holland.

30 november 2018

Runway: Stunning Haute Couture gowns from Fausto Sarli (03)

I am completely in love with these stunning haute couture designs from Fausto Sarli from the season S/S 2010. What a Beauties! Love his excellent feeling for Beauty, Style, Elegance, Creativity & Craftsmanship. Be Inspired ........ I will write more blogs about this inspiring fashion designer. 

Fausto Sarli at a charity event in 2010. Ph. via The Guardian
More about the designer Fausto Sarli:
Fausto Sarli is one of the prestigious names of Rome's high fashion trade. His prêt-a-porter collection is found throughout the world strengthening the prestige and fame of this Italian designer who excels in two fundamental aspects of fashion and elegance: creativity and practicality. 

Born in Naples in 1927, Fausto Sarli abandoned his business studies course at a young age and decided to dedicate himself to high fashion. He gained experience in the world of fashion at successful houses such as Schubert and De Luca. The 29 years old Italian stylist debuts at the Pitti Palace of Florence in 1956. The following year Sarli set up his own atelier in Naples. Encouraged by the success in his hometown, he decided to open a second atelier in Rome's Via Veneto in 1959. Those were the years of the "Dolce Vita" and Sarli's collections were enthusiastically received wherever they were presented. The perfection of his cut and his original styles won over both journalists and customers alike. The world's most demanding and famous women wanted to wear Sarli designs. Shy and modest by nature, the Italian fashion talent did not let his success affect him. He shunned cult status and carried on scrupulously and diligently with his work.

In the Sixties, the Italian label began to appear on TV screens, as Fausto Sarli created the costumes for the Italian singer Mina, as well as other starlets like the dancer Carla Fracci, the top models Carla Bruni or Valeria Mazza, actresses as Liz Taylor and Monica Bellucci, or politicians and authorities. The more the Italian brand's name becomes famous, the more its market spreads: from Japan to Canada, US and South America, Sarli brought the quality and excellence of the “made-in- Italy” everywhere. In 1980 Sarli began a new creative season with his "Studio" collections in which he furthered his stylistic research. In 1984 he launched the Sarli ready to wear collection. Different requirements and methods are the inspiration behind his prêt a porter collections which are studied in every detail, cut, line and are at the same time both comfortable and practical.

One of the Italian fashion designer's peculiarities is that he followed every collection through its various phases of creation as a team of dressmakers, modelers and cutters works on his models just as the Italian fashion school ruled. His models represent the result of true dedication and continuous research and have come to be a standard-bearer of the Made-in Italy.

For his hard work, Sarli has received a number of prizes in his career. Among these is the "Golden Lion", a prize that had only previously been awarded to Valentino Garavani and Mila Schön and which he won in 1987. For its 50th anniversary the Italian maison was also awarded with the Marco Aurelio prize in the occasion of a special show hold in the magic scenery of the Campidoglio Square. Just before his death in 2010, the Italian designer was gifted with a reproduction of the Lupa Capitolina by the city of Rome, to thank him for having brought the Italian fashion industry around the world. His designs can now be seen in the Guggenheim Museum of New York, which hosts a special collection created for the actress Eleonora Duse, as well as in the Museo della Moda of the Mondragone Foundation in Naples.

Fausto Sarli died in 2010 and his name received the highest authorities and figures homage. The Italian maison is now under the control of the Vanitex Srl. While the creative lead is hold by Alberto Terranova, the right-hand man of the Italian stylist. The High-Fashion house has expanded through the last decades with ready-to-wear collections and a special wedding dresses line, for which the Italian label is highly appreciated in the whole world. Fausto Sarli is the evidence that dedication, hard work and good taste always bring their positive results.

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29 november 2018


I guess you've noticed already how I love animals and their beauty. From now on I will post regularly nice, funny and beautiful photos from animals. Hope you like them too. Have a lovely day. ♥
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28 november 2018

Auction: Beautiful turquoise Kam Tin bedside cabinets from Bonhams NY

While surfing this morning on internet I found these beautiful Kam Tin bedside cabinets from turquoise, brass, lacquered wood & cast metal from Bonhams New York (offered in an auction). What a beauties! Be Inspired .......
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24 november 2018

Kitchens: Beautiful green kitchen design with marble countertop

While surfing on internet this morning I saw this beautiful kitchen design. Love the marble countertop combined with this lovely green color as well as the faucet from Waterworks. The paint color from the kitchen is Chimichurri CSP-810 from Benjamin Moore.  
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Photography by Belathée Photography. 
Courtesy of H2 Design + Build.

23 november 2018


Highlights from the fashionshow from Boss for the season S/S 2019 RTW, seen at New York Fashion Week. Be Inspired .......

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Source: VOGUE

21 november 2018

Runway: Givenchy F/W 2018 Couture, seen at PFW

Be Inspired by these beautiful couture designs from the fashionshow from Givenchy for Fall/Winter 2018, seen at Paris Fashion Week.
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Source: VOGUE

20 november 2018

BuzziHat: A hat-shaped acoustic lighting collection by Alain Gilles for BuzziSpace

Be Inspired by this decorative and highly recognizable hat-shaped acoustic lighting design. It's called the BuzziHat and is designed by Belgian designer Alain Gilles for BuzziSpace. This hat-shaped lighting collection not only provides lighting from above, it also absorbs sound. It’s recognizable silhouette gives nod to collapsible top hats with an upholstered foam body, metal shade and ring. The playful lamps come in four sizes to match different spaces and their sonic needs. I wrote earlier MORE BLOGS about this interesting designer. 
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18 november 2018

Fashion: Elegant evening gowns in the color burgundy

While surfing this morning on internet I found these beautiful evening gowns in the color burgundy as well as a matching nail polisher and lipstick. The first photo is a romantic evening gown from Alfazairy Couture Fall 2015. The second photo is a nail polisher in burgundy from the famous beauty brand MAC. They do have a matching burgundy lipstick too (from the MAC Nasty Gal Collection with Sophia Amoruso). The third photo is a gorgeous Peter Langner evening gown in the color Burgundy. I am completely in love with this elegant color Burgundy. Be Inspired ......
Alfazairy Couture Fall 2015 in the color Burgundy
MAC Burgundy nail polisher
Peter Langner evening gown in the color Burgundy
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17 november 2018

Fashion Photography: Polish folklore beauties by Ula Kóska (01)

While surfing on Pinterest today I saw these colorful fashion photos called 'Polish folklore beauties' lensed by photographer Ula Kóska. They are from the series Etno. The make-up art is made by Beata Bojda. So colorful and powerful as well! Be Inspired ........
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Photos: courtesy of Ula Kóska.
Sources: FUBIZ and ULA KOSKA

16 november 2018

ART: A rare Van Gogh painting belonged to Elizabeth Taylor goes to auction

What a beautiful painting from Vincent van Gogh! It's called 'Vue de l'asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Rémy (1889). This rare Van Gogh painting belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and goes to auction. The work hung in Taylor's Bel Air living room for over 50 years. Be Inspired .......
Image by Pascal J Le Segretain. Courtesy of Getty Images.
"You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it." In addition to her many celebrated accomplishments as an actress, humanitarian and businesswoman, Taylor was and continues to be, renowned for her brilliant collection of jewels: necklaces, earrings, tiaras, bracelets and rings made from rare gems and precious stones. Hers has been heralded as one of the most important collections of jewels in America, inspiring fragrances, jewelry lines and a memoir. But in addition to the glimmering jewels, Taylor also had an eye and passion for collecting fine art. Among her assemblage of works by the greats including Degas, Matisse, Pissarro was one special work in particular, Vue de l'asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Rémy, painted by Vincent van Gogh in the final year of his life. From 1963 until Taylor's death in 2011, the painting hung in her Bel Air living room before being purchased at auction in 2012 for nearly $16 million. Six years later, the work will be up for auction once more this May 15th at Christie's Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale in New York where it is expected to fetch north of $ 35 million.

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15 november 2018

Interior Design: Stunning staircase design by interior designer Robert Kolenik

While surfing this morning on Facebook I found this stunning entrance with floating staircase. Designed by Dutch interior and furniture designer Robert Kolenik from Kolenik Eco Chic Design NL. What a Beauty to see! I am completely in love with this fantastic design as well as the chosen material of walnut for the walls. Be Inspired ......
More about the interior designer Robert Kolenik
Robert Kolenik (1981, Westervoort) is an interior designer and furniture designer with a warm, luxurious, international and timeless signature. He represents the new generation of Dutch designers who are respected and admired around the world. This is due to the high quality of their work, their businesslike approach and their unique design style.

What’s more, Kolenik combines all this with a huge amount of passion, a critical eye and an inspiring personality. His design studio is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. From here, he creates a wide variety of interiors and design furniture. These range from villas to restaurants and from design chandeliers to sofas. The interior designer’s projects take him all over the world. He might be in London for a villa in Notting Hill one day and in Mauritius designing a beachfront home the next. The common thread running through all these designs is his rich, natural approach to design and production. Aficionados will recognise this design philosophy in the Eco Chic Awareness Label. Kolenik founded the label in 2014 and he is still passionate about it today.
Interior roots
After completing his marketing degree in 2004, Robert Kolenik started work at his father’s construction firm. This taught him all aspects of the job, from technical installation to plastering and carpentry. This early practical experience would turn out to be of crucial importance to his development as a designer. 

After the sudden death of his father, Kolenik took over the business in 2005 and renamed it Kolenik Interior renovations. After spending three years renovating homes and hospitality venues, Kolenik landed his first big design commission in 2008. This was for the interior design of the Demain cocktail bar in Nijmegen This year would mark the beginning of his career’s stellar growth, despite the serious financial crisis that had taken the world by storm.

Rising star
In 2010, the young designer set up his own design studio in Amsterdam under the name Kolenik Eco Chic Design. That same year, having taken part in a number of prestigious trade fairs, he won an award. At that point, his name was already established amongst a select group of fans of his warm, luxurious and minimalistic style.

Right from the start, Kolenik Eco Chic Design’s portfolio expanded rapidly and it includes an impressively diverse range of projects. These range from individual home interiors to a variety of corporate designs. He has also created a furniture range and designs for high-profile brands that are implemented under licence. His studio’s ability to translate brand values into appropriate designs for hotels, restaurants and bars means that Robert Kolenik is now a well-known name when it comes to hospitality design projects. Kolenik Eco Chic Design, which now boasts an experienced team of architects, designers and graphic designers, is rapidly spreading its wings all over the world.

Environmental focus
Driven by his passion for nature conservation, Kolenik decided to co-found Plastic Soup Foundation Junior in 2014. The foundation organises educational programmes to raise children’s awareness from a young age of the plastic waste polluting the seas. Later, Kolenik also started the Eco Chic Awareness Label, his sustainable design guarantee. This means that where possible, his designs – from furniture to lamps – incorporate rich, natural materials, chosen with the greatest care. And that’s not all: his pieces are also manufactured ecologically, as well as complying with the very highest quality standards.

Style and philosophy
Kolenik finds inspiration for his interiors in the natural world. His subtle use of colour is drawn from nature. So too are the materials that he lovingly uses in his interiors and designs. These range from luxurious woods and natural stone to shells. The carefully considered and consciously chosen balance between functionality and aesthetics creates harmony in every – unique – design and interior. Natural elements like living green walls and the spectacular boardroom aquarium are endlessly fascinating and unique. And that’s not forgetting his use of sophisticated technology to create optimal comfort, plus his eye for a perfect finish.

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Note: these photos have been placed with approval of Robert Kolenik.

14 november 2018


I guess you've noticed already that I love the elegant designs of Ralph & Russo. Below you will find Part 01 from the beautiful collection from the season Fall/Winter 2018 RTW. Be Inspired ........
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Source: Ralph and Russo