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22 oktober 2020

Blox, Unique & Luxury Furniture Design from the Netherlands (01)

Today I would like to show you a beautiful, timeless and handmade series of high-end luxury furniture from the Dutch brand Blox. Blox Luxury Furniture represents unique furniture with a top-grade quality, a timeless high-end design and a very wide range of products. Here unity, quality, craftsmanship, luxury and style flow seamless together from living room, bedroom, bathroom till office space. Take a look below for more information. Get Inspired ....... I wrote also a 2nd blog, see the link HERE
More about Blox
Blox is a series of individual elements, combining high-quality materials into a timeless and luxurious design. You can choose from two colors of natural brushed oak or any RAL color of your choice, high quality sprayed on natural brushed oak veneer. In addition, there are four colors of freestone and four colors of upholstery. Thanks to the many combinations you can put together your complete timeless interior to your own liking. The chosen elements are available from stock, packed with care and sent to the desired address. Thanks to the enclosed manual you can easily assemble the furniture in a short period of time.
Unique concept
With Blox it is possible to design your entire home or business yourself in one style and color. Thanks to the sophisticated loose blox elements in combination with stone or wooden blades and accessories, blox forms its unique timeless style.

You choose one style for your entire space, with 1 color choice, unity and natural materials merging seamlessly. Blox is unique but above all the only supplier that puts together your interior in this architectural style with unity and luxury materials. 
Affordable craftsmanship from Brabant, the Netherlands
Each part of Blox Luxury Furniture will be designed with proficiency, is handmade and finished with an eye for detail with high-quality materials. Blox is located in the village Moergestel, the Netherlands (in the Dutch province of North Brabant). 

Are you interested to hear more about this inspiring luxury furniture design? This series of furniture is also well suitable for hotellerie, penthouses etc. Please take a look at the links below or visit their website for more information. I hereby enclose at the end also two You Tube movies as well as a virtual tour, see below. I will write soon Blog 02 about innovation office. 


Thank you for reading this blogpost.
Sources: BLOXPURE LUXE and Excellent Magazine
Note: the images used here are placed with permission of Blox.

The direct links to their social media accounts are:
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