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23 april 2015

Furniture Design: Louis Vuitton celebrates the art of travelling

Louis Vuitton Objects Nomades (Palazzo Bocconi)
A luxury collection of objects created in collaboration with 9 international designers who celebrate the art of travelling according to Louis Vuitton. The collection features an interesting series of practical foldable designs that you can take along in your journeys and that use Louis Vuitton's exclusive nomad leather. The beach chair by Maarten Baas and the swing chair by Patricia Urquiola are unique must-see pieces. For more inspiration from the other designers, see the enclosed links below. 
Objets Nomades from Louis Vuitton - Beach chair by Maarten Baas
Objets Nomades from Louis Vuitton - Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola
Sources: ForbesDezeenFreshome and Maarten Baas

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