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16 september 2020

Furniture Design: The Yose-gi Stool by Japanese designer Yoshiaki Ito

While surfing this morning on internet I found this beautiful piece of furniture. It's the Yose-gi stool by Brooklyn-based Japanese product designer Yoshiaki Ito, a piece inspired by a traditional Japanese Shinto kumi-ki puzzle. What a creative design! Yoshiaki founded his own studio, Tamen, where he’s producing work that’s inspired by traditional Japanese designs and techniques. Be Inspired .......
The complex stool was designed using the Japanese inlaid wood technique Yosegi, which results in beautiful surface designs, while the underside is cut to form geometric patterns. The stools interlock like a puzzle when the legs of two stools come together, thanks to the Japanese joinery technique called Tsugite. So, if you own two of the stools and need more space, join them together to form a single stool. It’s like a furniture puzzle that’s also functional!
More about the company Tamen and Yoshiaki Ito
TAMEN embodies the meaning of creating pieces inspired by the many facets of life. Each piece exhibits its own story and the ability to adapt to each occasion. Having adopted traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Yoshiaki Ito designs limitless pieces which exhibit many surfaces and moods and sets the tone for different scenes and purposes. Each piece is crafted in Japan; every attention to detail produced by a master craftsman.

Thank you for reading this blogpost.
Sources: Design Milk and TAMEN

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